Hi, I’m Gaby! Thank you so much for visiting my corner of the Universe, and for wanting to know more about me and my services.

My journey

For as long as I could remember I was giving away my power. To other people, to society. Always choosing the things I thought I was expected to, rather than the things I truly needed or wanted. Most of these decisions were based on fear. Fear of judgment, of not being good enough, fear of being labeled “weird” or even “crazy”. Always making the “sensible” choice, choosing the safe path. I was living so far out of alignment that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

Until, a few years ago, my soul and the universe quite literally brought me to my knees and said, “no more”. One day while getting up to go to work, my legs just wouldn’t support me anymore. I couldn’t do anything. One of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced! Not knowing what was going on, being completely dependent on others for everything.  It wasn’t until I was brutally honest with myself that I finally got my answer: complete and total burn-out.

That burn-out turned out to be a great gift. It put me on the path of self-discovery. It encouraged me to go within and be very honest with myself. To finally start living my life instead of the life others thought I should live. On the road to recovery I learned so many things, about this world we live in, the universe we’re in, about energy. But most importantly, I learned about myself. Through Human Design I started understanding who I really am, how I operate best in this world, what I need to thrive, the gifts I came to bring forward. When I started implementing and actually living my Design, my life started changing drastically

It takes a courageous soul to walk this path. Our current society and systems in place have stripped us of our personal power. I am committed to using my wisdom and experience to help you remember who you are. To help you connect with your inner voice and authority. So you can step into your power and live your best life. Are you ready?

The meaning of sfaelin

“sfaelin” (pronounced “sfay-lin”) is based on one of Tolkien’s elven languages, Quenya. Tolkien’s elves represent my vision for humanity; the wisdom and power they have, how they live in harmony with nature, their use of magic. I always knew I wanted to incorporate that in my name. sfaelin is a combination of the words for soul/spirit, universe, freedom, star and moon. Things that represent who I am, what I love, what I stand for, where I’m going. It is very important to me to make my contribution to a better world. The more I raise my awareness and consciousness, the more important it is to me to make sure my actions are in alignment with my values. And this will of course also be reflected in they way I run my business!

My soul...

loves that place where science meets spirituality. Where the intellectual and the divine come together. The blending of the human and the soul. Learning about and sharing the secrets of the Universe.

My human...

loves YA (fantasy) novels, long walks on the beach with my feet in the water, dancing, animals, nature, exploring the wonders of this world, and movie nights with pizza and ice cream.