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“Gaby is a an incredible, heart-centred intuitive.  She not only passes forward beautifully accurate insights, she also gets right to the heart of the matter.  With her beautiful blend of truth speaking and loving guidance, it’s like receiving a reading from your best friend! Gaby shares the perfect amount of “need to know” information, combined with her loving and supportive “you got this!” approach. If you’re looking for accurate, insightful, loving, down to earth guidance (and who isn’t?!), then Gaby is your girl! I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is an incredible channel for the divine, and a truly beautiful person.  Thank you Gaby!”

Rachael Hand
Healer, Intuitive & Soul Coach
Lunabel Reiki

“Gaby holds such a beautiful container. It feels like she really cares and I mean, *really* cares. As in, she gets me, she sees me and is ready to offer compassionate support. I am so grateful for her loving presence in my life, even from a distance. Thank you Gaby for all you do.”

Amanda Masterson
Expressions Straight from the Heart


“Gaby’s reading deeply resonated with where I am in life and validated some of the thoughts I have been having about walking my path. It is clear that this intuitive spiritual work is Gaby’s calling. As a fellow Projector, her guidance in navigating my energy from the perspective of Human Design has unlocked a part of me that allows me to relax into who I truly am. I highly recommend her readings to anyone who is looking for insight into what’s going on in their life!”

Bonnie Ho
Spiritual Guidance & Energy Reader
Bonnie Ho Insights

Gaby’s ability to hold space & energy are beyond this world. The sharing in her sessions shine from her cosmic heart, the learning & integration that she has invested in herself. She is full of passion, healing & unconditional love. Fully connected & willing to show up as the best version of herself to support you in achieving your needs & desires.

Megan Jones
Soul Activator & Reiki Master Teacher
Connect Balance Grow


“During our session, you told me that I am a pure generator, and you explained the importance of navigating life from my sacral response, in accordance with my human design. Our session confirmed for me that I really do love it when things develop at a natural pace. If I feel rushed or under pressure to do something, because my head says I ‘should’ do it, it’s not going to vibe with me! I had an opportunity presented to me soon afterwards, and I felt into my gut and asked myself whether it was right – the response I got told me that although this opportunity could be a great fit in the future, when I was a little more established in my business, I wasn’t ready at that exact moment, which was perfectly okay.  I feel so secure in my understanding that’s alright to take things at my own pace, and not to push things along if I’m not 100% ready. It was so wonderful to work with you, Gaby. Thank you for your advice!”

Aisling Maria Cronin
Weaving Legends

“Gaby is a talented holistic healer and reader who works with many modalities including tarot, astrology and Human Design. The Human Design reading I had with her was so accurate and helpful and even though I’ve been on the spiritual development train for a long time it gave me even deeper insights and helped me understand more about myself. Not only is Gaby great at what she does, she is also such a kind, compassionate and bright light in the world. Her desire to be of service to others always shines through in all shes does, making you really feel like she has your back and wants the very best for her clients.”

Vix Maxwell
Spiritual Support for Starseeds, Lightworkers, Empaths + Spiritual Seekers
New Age Hipster


“My call with Gaby was incredibly insightful – she picked up on things about my personality & even some past life stuff, that has helped give me so much clarity & direction in how to m ove forward in a much more aligned way in my own life. Gaby has a very calm & open energy about her – having someone see you & accept you with no judgements is incredibly encouraging. I greatly appreciate her compassion, wisdom & understanding, and I highly recommend anyone who feels called to work with Gaby to do so!

Ioleen Lazenby
Tarot, Reiki, Belly Dance

“Gaby is such a kind and compassionate soul which is evident in everything she does. She takes every care and consideration leading to you feeling wholly supported and understood. After speaking with Gaby, I came away with a greater feeling of clarity and understanding of myself which is such a gift! Thank you Gaby!”

Amy Thomas-Owen
Tarot Counsellor
The Tarot Counsellor