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According to quantum physics, everything is energy and energy can not die. It can only change form. It then follows that we are energy, and that we can not die. We can only change form. I believe we are eternal souls who chose to incarnate into a physical body to have a human experience. Your Human Design shows you the experience you wanted to have, the human you came here to be this time around. It’s not a personality assessment; it’s mechanical. It shows you how your energy works and how you are genetically wired.

Are you ready to meet yourself?

“Everybody is born with a right to differentiate.”
“Your specialness lies in differentiation. Everything about your Human Design is understanding that your specialness lies in differentiation. To be different is to be correct as yourself. There is, after all, nobody like you, never will be, cannot be. You are the only example of you. And that as long as you’re trying to be like something else, that example is lost. And the totality suffers for its loss.”
~ Ra Uru Hu

We’ve been conditioned to think that we are all the same, and if something isn’t working for us it must be “our” fault. That there is something wrong with us, or we’re just not doing it right. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are all equal, yes, but we are not the same. We are all beautifully unique, and Human Design shows you all the ways in which you are different. It’s “the science of differentiation”. Learning about your Human Design can change your life. It shows you who you really are, and why certain things don’t work for you. It’s a permission slip to embrace all the things about yourself that you already know, deep inside, but never accepted. Because it’s “wrong”, not supposed to be that way. But, well… maybe it is for you! This is how you are designed in this lifetime. 

You know how in video games you can design your own avatar, the character that you use to play the game? What type is your avatar? An elf, a wizard, a human, an animal? How do they move through the game? What kind of magical gifts do they have? How long can they go on until they need to replenish their energy? This is how I see Human Design: if life were a video game, how is your avatar designed to play the game?

Surrendering to your design will put you on the path to self-love, and the life you came here to live. Getting a Human Design reading will show you how to do that.

Human Design is a vast and complex system. There is so much to learn, so many interesting elements in your chart to dive into. However, that can also become a bit of a trap; when it’s just information residing in your head. Human Design is meant to be lived. Only through applying your design to your life will you really start changing it. This is why my Human Design readings are focused on the basic, more surface-level topics of your chart. Knowing all the juicy details is fun, but if you’re not applying the basics (especially strategy & authority) they don’t mean anything. And, honestly, starting to live according to your strategy and authority actually has the biggest impact on your life!

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